One thing that never seems to amaze me is no matter how long I spend with a candidate preparing them for an interview, more often than not they seem to forget all this advice the second the conversation ends, Over the years i have had some – now hilarious stories, but at the time it was the stuff of nightmares……………

Here are some of the worst things that have been reported

When asked what the candidate saw himself doing in 2-3 years, he said, “running my own restaurant.”

Not a bad answer you think, but when the job is that of a service Engineer, it might not be the best response….

Clothes weren’t ironed, shoes not polished

This sort of thing may seem obvious but time and time again it happens, you only get one chance to create a first impression, pride in your appearance implies you will take pride in your work and also that you are serious about the position to which you are applying.

•Candidate kept giggling nervously through a serious interview.

I know this is a tough one, we all react to tense situations differently, i once knew someone who suffered terrible flatulence when he was nervous, I’d take the giggles over that any day but keeping your composure is key, deep breathing and thinking before you speak are the best tips to get through an interview or in life in general i suppose!

•Asked to see interviewer’s resume to see if the hiring manager was qualified to judge the candidate.

more senior candidates are the ones who suffer with this sort of thing, however, as a result of social media we can often find out as much as we need to know about someone before the interview, that said been humble can also go a long way, before your taking the bosses job, get this one first!

•When asked about his skills, he stood up and started tap dancing around the dining room. (it wasn’t for a dancing role!)

Those little quirks and interests we have outside of work are what make us unique but sometimes it’s best to leave some details out  of an interview until you’ve secured a job and they know you well enough for you to let your “whole self” out

He said negative things about his former boss and employer.

we’ve all been there…. had the boss from hell, took great satisfaction in telling them you’re leaving but to a new employer, they dont know you or the former boss so not a good idea to imply you have problems with authority

•He turned up in a hawaiian shirt!!!

This wasn’t for a bar tenders job in a carribean, sometimes an interviewer will say smart casual but don’t take the casual to the extreme!!!

•The applicant challenged the interviewer to arm wrestle.

I don’t think an explanation is needed there, Just no!…….