I’ve been thinking on this lately, especially as the sun has started making brief appearances……

Is wearing a tie for men the same as wearing tights for women and when is it acceptable to not wear them????

Ties & Tights – to wear or not to wear, that is the question….

When i was working in Leeds City Center during the height of summer, the heat could get unbearable. Sure, we’d get ourselves down to Argos and invest in a standing fan and have several around the room, i think their main function was to make a really irritating hum sound and pass around the warm air, anyway, what i noticed was that although we were all warm, it wasn’t so bad for us girlies.

We would wear a cotton, light weight, short sleeved blouse, a cotton skirt and some peep toe shoes and the majority of us wouldn’t wear tights, i think this is because by summer, most of us have a tan (even if out of a bottle) which seems to make “no tights” more acceptable.

But for an interview, would no tights be acceptable, even if it is the height of summer?

I’m just not sure, it seems to me that tights is to women as ties are to men, they seem to imply a professional etiquette that we should follow.

During those summer months, the poor men would still be in the same suits, ties socks and shoes that they would wear in Winter, it had become their work “uniform” but when the temperature really heated up, the ties would come off but back on again for a client visit or meeting.

I know that for all I like to think I’m a “radical thinker” all about progress and change, I must admit that if i have a meeting or a formal event, I make sure that I look as well turned out as i can but to be fair, I am deffo no tights in summer, especially if i have tan to show off!!!

So for me, i think men should be free to be tie free, especially if its as liberating as going without tights!!!!